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images of modern architecture: Cubist, traditional, temple, tower, house, hotel & office blocks

modern; cubist; USA, traditional roof; China, cube, Netherlands, Hindu; India, Twin Towers; Dubai
USA06BB80 Car drives past modern architecture, building appears to be on its side. Tuscon, Arizona, USA Copyright Tropix (Bethany Birley) USA06BB82 Modern architecture, cubist looking tower with walls at different levels. Tuscon, Arizona, USA Copyright Tropix (Bethany Birley) CHN04TX8_01 Bank of China Tower, communications on roof; canna lilies in front; commerce. Yulin city, Shaanxi Province, N.China. Copyright Tropix (V. and M. Birley) NTH04TX12_16 Modern structure, cube house, raised on pillars above the city. Rotterdam, Netherlands Copyright Tropix (V. and M. Birley) IND87CM3_03 Women in saris in Hindu temple; modern religious architecture and art: swastika, lotus blossom motifs. Delhi, India. Copyright Tropix (C. Moulds) DUB00XS2_24 Tourists in water taxi (Abrah); blue sky and water reflect in windows of Twin Towers Hotel and Mall. Dubai Creek, UAE. Copyright Tropix (Christian Smith) DUB00XS3_19 Modern architecture: Emirates Towers, triangular blue / white edifice, palm trees. Sheik Zayed Boulevard; Dubai, UAE. Copyright Tropix (Christian Smith)
Bank District; Nigeria, house, New Zealand; World Trade Center; Sri Lanka, rooftops; Canada
NIG96MM12_24 Modern buildings: All States Bank (front), office block; electrification, satellite dish. Port Harcourt, S.Nigeria. Copyright Tropix (M. MacDonald) NIG03MHB26 Boy selling wares by Eagle Bank Plaza, ultra modern building; numerous power? and communication lines. Lagos, Nigeria. Copyright Tropix (V. and M. Birley) NZ98TX4_11 Pathway leads up to modern house; rockery and blue skies. Crater Rim walkway, near Christchurch, New Zealand. Copyright Tropix (V. and M. Birley) SRL97TX17_08 Scaffolded doors to World Trade Centre: modern cylindrical buildings, concrete & glass; businessmen. Colombo, Sri Lanka. Copyright Tropix (V. and M. Birley) CAN04TX5_01 Aerial shot across the city with mountains behind. Vancouver City, BC, Canada. Copyright Tropix (V. and M. Birley)
offices, Sierra Leone; banks; Senegal, Sheraton; Zimabwe, Centro Cultural; Mexico. complex; China
SIE90GB4_01 Modern British Council building with garden; arts, culture, information, learning. Tower Hill, Freetown, Sierra Leone. Copyright Tropix (G. Barnish) SGL97MF1_21 High view: modern bank block, tiled, 2-storey commercial buildings; container port; ships in dock. Dakar, Senegal. Copyright Tropix (M. Fleetwood) ZIM99TX14_02 Modern luxury class Sheraton Hotel: blue sky and clouds reflect in mirrored walls; abstract effect. Harare, Zimbabwe. Copyright Tropix (V. and M. Birley) MEX04MHB01 Fountains display at Centro Cultural; jazz promotion; modern architecture; water. Tijuana, Baja California, W.Mexico. Copyright Tropix (V. and M. Birley) CHN02TX2_20 Modern apartment and commercial buildings with restaurant below in bright pastel shades. Baoan new city, SAR China. Copyright Tropix (V. and M. Birley)
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