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Photos of exterior decor: Balconies, latticework, verandahs, murals and statues

Iron balcony, entrance pagoda, Colonial decor, Americana, printed letters, abstract art, rock carving
CUB87ASH6_15 Detail of Spanish colonial architecture: wrought iron balcony of old house, stained glass doors. Santiago de Cuba. Copyright Tropix (A & S HIGGINS) CHN04TX11_21 Buddhist rock temples carved in Song & Yuan dynasties. Red Stone Gorge near Yulin, Shaanxi Province, N.China. Copyright Tropix (V. and M. Birley) JS78_104-19 Man walks down stairs from buildings with colonial architecture; balconies. Old Fort Street, Mombasa, Kenya. Copyright Tropix (J. Schmid) DUB00XS4_24 Entrance to famous, expensive Planet Hollywood restaurant: blue, sky-coloured, globe shaped building; palms. Dubai, UAE. Copyright Tropix (Christian Smith) DUB00XS2_12 Edge of Gold Souk: Gold centre building; pedestrians. Signs for gold and jewellers in English and Arabic. Dubai, UAE. Copyright Tropix (Christian Smith) SPA01TX4_15 La Pedrera (Casa Mila) by Gaudi, built 1905-1910, curved rooftops, spiral chimneys like chessmen. Barcelona, Spain. Copyright Tropix (V. and M. Birley) CHN04TX12_02 Figure on wall at rock temples built in Song & Yuan dynasties. Red Stone Gorge near Yulin, Shaanxi Province, N.China. Copyright Tropix (V. and M. Birley)
Decorated walls, snail murals, walled courtyard, brightly painted walls, wooden latticework, decor
BOT86JW2_04 Family at homestead; courtyard walls decorated with colour, paint, moulding; windows an unusual feature; Nata, Botswana Copyright Tropix (J. Woollard) SMN94LS1_03 Smart exterior of LEscargot restaurant, murals of snails painted on façade. Philipsburg, St Maarten, Caribbean. Copyright Tropix (Lynn Seldon) CHN04TX15_01 Modern house enclosing shady courtyard with grape vines, fruit trees next to old cave homes. Yulin, Shaanxi, N.China. Copyright Tropix (V. and M. Birley) COL01TX10_20 Café walls brightly painted in lilac, magenta, red, other colours. Night spots in Getsemani. Cartagena, Colombia. Copyright Tropix (V. and M. Birley) AZB07VJB127 Wooden latticework supports metal roof over balcony; pre-Soviet architecture; Old Town. Baku, Azerbaijan. Copyright Tropix (V. and M. Birley)
Film inspired hotel exterior, tiled patio, mural across store front, mural of real life, verandah, arches
USA94LS4_16 Close-up MGM Grand Hotel lions head entrance, side view, triangular green eye, hazy full moon. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Copyright Tropix (Lynn Seldon) FRA05VJB93 Stone farmhouse now holiday home: shutters, patio, olive trees; Mediterranean garden. Bagnol-en-Foret, Provence, France. Copyright Tropix (V. and M. Birley) USA06BB53 Car drives past Chicago Store, murals decorate walls, built in 1903. Tuscon, Arizona, USA Copyright Tropix (Bethany Birley) NAM94IDS24_04D Mural of rural life; ext. Gibeon Folk Arts centre (womens embroidery group using traditional Nama styles). S.Namibia. Copyright Tropix (IAN SPARK) JAM94JUN4_02 Branch of Jamaica Citizens Bank, modern white building with airy, shaded verandas; sun, blue sky. Jamaica. Copyright Tropix (June Hassall)
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