Images of European Archaeology: Viking; Stonehenge; Minoan; Kamiros; Dorian; Delphi

Denmark: Iron Age. England: Williamson Tunnel, Stonehenge. Crete: Knossos. Spain: Alcazabar

Majorca, old cathedral. Spain: Restored Roman ampitheatre, The Alcazabar, walls, archways

Ancient Greece: Kamiros, Dorian commercial centre, Rhodes. Plato's Academy, ruins of Delphi.

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Rites and Religion Themes
Images of subjects from African archaeology to wedding rites

African Archaeology
Photos of Leptis Magna, Tripoli, Carthage, pyramids, sphinx and Acropolis.

American Archaeology
Photographs of Machu Picchu, Temple of the Sun, Chulpas, Pisac and Cave of The Hands

Stock images of El Morro, Nelson's Dockyard, Stirling, Conway, Helsingore and Hazarijat

Pictures of archaeology from Israel, India, China, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka