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images of Eastern Housing: China, Philippines, Bali, Afghanistan, Malaysia and Pakistan

China, city, cave homes, Philippines, shanty, poor area, Bali, thatched hut, Indonesia, stilt, Vietnam
CHN04TX8_10 High view city streets, buildings, trees; yellow loess sandy cliffs in distance. Yulin, Shaanxi Province, N.China. Copyright Tropix (V. and M. Birley) CHN04TX15_06 Cave homes carved in sandy loess; brick fronts, chimneys poke out of hilltop. Yulin city outskirts, Shaanxi, N.China. Copyright Tropix (V. and M. Birley) PHL92TX11_10 Barefoot little girl by shanty shacks, contrasts with pillared concrete building. Mandaluyong City, Manila, Philippines. Copyright Tropix (V. and M. Birley) PHL92TX4_18 Jerrycans wait for water at standpipe; shanty house; bedspring fence; litter. Smoky Mtn refuse dump, Manila, Philippines Copyright Tropix (V. and M. Birley) BAL89RK5_16 Thatched farmers hut, woven rattan walls; new planted rice terraces contour hills in s-shape. Tabanan, Bali, Indonesia. Copyright Tropix (R. Kendal) INS91MB5_20 Highland Lauje house on stilts with maize suspended beneath; Ogoalas, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. Copyright Tropix (M. Blowfield) VTM99TX2_10 View down long canalside with residential stilt housing. Tan Thanh, Vietnam. Copyright Tropix (V. and M. Birley)
Pakistan, tents, Afghanistan, wealth, refugees, China, modern home, Thailand, wooden stilt house
PAK89TX2_03 Nomadic scavenger colonys tent homes on city street; high rise developments behind. Lahore, Pakistan. Copyright Tropix (V. and M. Birley) AFG99LEE7_13 Houses cling to steep, rocky mountain; commercial buildings / wealthy homes overlook river. Central Kabul, Afghanistan. Copyright Tropix (J. Lee) AFG00LEE7_10 Returning refugees rebuilt house: spent artillery shells used as flagpoles. Darband, Kabul Province, Afghanistan. Copyright Tropix (J. Lee) CHN04TX15_03 Young woman sits outside modern two storey house next to old cave homes, still inhabited. Yulin, Shaanxi, N.China. Copyright Tropix (V. and M. Birley) THA85TX35_08 Huge covered clay water storage jars by traditional, shuttered wooden house on stilts; village. Khon Kaen, N.E.Thailand Copyright Tropix (V. and M. Birley)
Mud plastered houses, Malaysia, stilt house, Iban Tribe longhouse, India, cow dung on walls, house
AFG00LEE7_24 Typical village: mud plastered low houses and domes, fruit and other trees. Balkh to Mazar-i Sharif road, N.Afghanistan. Copyright Tropix (J. Lee) MLS88TX7_04 Stilts house on Bertam River, dense green forest behind. Orang Asli Village, Kamdung, Peninsula Malaysia. Copyright Tropix (V. and M. Birley) MLS88TX6_09 Interior traditional Iban tribe longhouse; family sit on mats; pats; artefacts against walls. Delok, Sarawak, Malaysia. Copyright Tropix (V. and M. Birley) IND79TX5_15 Energy: brick walls of house clad in cow dung sun-drying for burning as domestic fuel; smiling boys. West Bengal, India. Copyright Tropix (V. and M. Birley) BAL89RK1_15 Man and woman (50s?) sit outside house walls, chatting, early evening; No.2 on gatepost. Ubud village, Bali, Indonesia. Copyright Tropix (R. Kendal)
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