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Images of African dress and costume: jewellery, head dresses, prints and fabrics

Fulani, bead necklace, Zulu, head man in fez hat, traditional womans costume, Rivers State, robes
NIG87DD1_06 Two young Fulani tribe women in traditional costume, nervous faces; crowds behind. Mambilla Plateau, Gongola, E.Nigeria. Copyright Tropix (D. Davis) SAF98PAM1_06D Zulu woman in maidens costume: bead necklace, head-dress, bare top. Phezulu, Valley of 1000 Hills, Natal, South Africa Copyright Tropix (Pam Howarth) SAF92MA1_14 Man, full Zulu costume (hide, sheepskin, bright beadwork), dancing, leaps up high in the air. Natal, South Africa. Copyright Tropix (M. Auckland) NIG87DD1_19 Waist shot of village head man, smiling to camera, red cap (fez), white robes. Mambilla Plateau, Gongola, E.Nigeria. Copyright Tropix (D. DAVIS) SAF92MA1_23 Unmarried girl, L, married woman R, in full Zulu traditional womens costume, standing in kraal. Natal, South Africa. Copyright Tropix (M. Auckland) NIG96MM3_04 Rivers State woman in gold embroidered costume, big headtie, gold necklace, earrings, watch. Port Harcourt, S.Nigeria. Copyright Tropix (M. MacDonald) TNZ_DC1038E Three Masai tribe girls in bead necklaces, caps & earrings, deep magenta blue robes. Ifakara, Kilombero Dist., Tanzania. Copyright Tropix (D. Charlwood)
sackcloth clothing, Fur trible, traditional costume, kanga cloths, animal mask and dress, Emir
MLW96RUS4_04 Gulewamkulu dance: men, sackcloth costume, masks, knives; high status, manifest spirits, cast spells. Namitete, Malawi. Copyright Tropix (Russ Clare) SUD89DD7_15 Fur tribe women & men, traditional costume, pulling on ropes, drawing water at village well; South Darfur, Sudan. Copyright Tropix (D. Davis) TNZ00TX9_04 Sukuma tribe village women dance to drum music dressed in bright patterned kanga cloths. Shinyanga East, Tanzania. Copyright Tropix (V. and M. Birley) NIG97MM7_10 Boy with cleaver tackles dancer in animal (lion?) mask, costume; week long death rite. Ke Town, Rivers State, S.Nigeria. Copyright Tropix (M. MacDonald) NIG87DD1_15 Two men, the Emirs guards, seated, in traditional red/green striped robes; costume. Gumel town, Kano State, N.Nigeria. Copyright Tropix (D. Davis)
Bright cotton prints, traditional Israeli dress, cow horn headdress, Zulu costumes, warrior head dress
SAF94AM12_05 Swazi tribe woman in traditional bright cotton prints, kikoi cloth, hats and sticks. Mpumalanga Province, South Africa. Copyright Tropix (A. Mountain) ISR81TX18_06 Men & women folk dancers in costume: festival for unity between Jews and Arabs; doves of peace motif. Nahariyya, Israel. Copyright Tropix (V. and M. Birley) BOT85JW2_03 Herero tribe women: dress adopted from C19th German missionaries; headdress mimics cow horns; Botswana. Copyright Tropix (J. Woollard) SAF92MA1_03 Three boys (4-5 yrs) in full Zulu traditional costume, learn dances at an early age; Natal, South Africa. Copyright Tropix (M. Auckland) JS15_56-30 Bravery hat on Masai warrior (moran); feathers were formerly earned in massacres, lion kills and cattle raids. Kenya. Copyright Tropix (J. SCHMID)
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