Photos of South Korea: from Seoul in the north to Mokpo in the south, 
via Taejeon, Gonju and much more

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the capital
Republic of Korea (South Korea), Far East, Asia   

Bukhansan National Park


Samnung Valley (Kyonggi-do)

Bukhan-san Mountain

Kyongbuk-kung top, 1st

Seoul: modern & ancient


Magoksa Temple complex

Seodaejeon railway station



Tongdosa Mountain

Daejeon / Taejeon

Mokpo Concert Hall

Yeong Euhn Sa Temple


Mokpo Maritime Museum

Yeonji Lotus Pond

Geumgang River

Namhansan-song bottom, 2nd

Yongdok River


Namsan (South Mountain)

Yudal beach

Gongsanseong Fort

National Folk Village top, 2nd

Yudalsan Mountain


Northern Sector JSA

Yongdok River


Onyang top, 5th


Kajisan / Kaji-san

Pangojin bottom, 1st & 3rd

SKO85IS3_07 Old man, happy face, with armload of seaweed he has collected, wades to shore. Marine algae. Pangojin, South Korea. Copyright Tropix (I. Sheldrick)
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