Nigeria, West Africa: people, culture, Lagos, Kano, the Sahel, farming ...

Culture and society: rural; dance; juju (magic); durbar; children; sport; tribe (Fulani); work, security.

Laughing girl; cassava factory; Emir's guards; horses charge Emir at durbar; Hadejia long hoe, Sahel.

Reclaimed mangrove swamp. Livestock, cattle. Sun dried tomatoes, maize; smut fungus on sorghum

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Nigeria Locations,
page one
Explore Nigeria from Aba Expressway to Krakama Flow Station

Nigeria Locations,
page two
Nigerian places from Lafia to Zaria

Eastern Nigeria
Mambila Plateau, 
Lake Chad and
Fulani people

Northern Nigeria
discover Northern Nigeria

Lagos city
see Lagos, Nigeria

Rivers State
Nigeria's Rivers State

Port Harcourt
Port Harcourt city,