Photos of Colombia: Cartagena, Choco, Guambiano, Santa Clara, Getsemani, El Centro

Cauca; gorge. Salamina: flower. Leticia: lily. Cartagena: statue. Choco: mother. Silvia: Guambiano,

Cartagena: Santa Clara; El Centro; Puerta del Reloj; Museum of Modern Art; San Pedro; Getsemani

Cartagena: Hotel Caribe; morning view; tourists; Los Murallas; Carribean coast; hotel Santa Clara 

Choco: Atrato River; Quibdo. Amazon river. Villa de Leiva: natives. Antioquia. Silva: native girls

Bocachica: children. Bocagrande: Internet cafe; fiesta; dancers; Carribean couple; Chiva bus party

Getsemani: Convention center, crafts. Cocoa beans. Cartagena: Soup with chicken, traditional lunch

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