Images of Water: cascades, falls, whirlpool, flow, energy, ripples, fountains, reflections

Uganda: gorges, Nile. Angel Falls, Venezuela. Zimbabwe: Zambezi, rainbow, Victoria Falls, cascade.

Wangchu, Bhutan; mangroves, Nigeria; lakes, Oman. Rivers: Amazon; Wye, UK; Kilombero, Tanzania.

Water concepts: eddy, whirlpool, waterfall, flow, stream, still, reed, ripple, drizzle, reflection, calm.

Water torrents foaming over spillways, crashing down mountains, cascades, great falls and torrents.

Urban fountains and rural falls, calm tropical oceans, still lakes; great, smooth rivers; blue water, sky.

BLG94RB1_23_CROP Fountain with modern sculptures: water spouts from mermaids mouth and nipples; spray. Bruges, Belgium. Copyright Tropix (Roland Birley)

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