Photos of insects: creepy crawlies, dragonfly, locust, butterfly, cricket, bug, edible insects

Red dragonfly, bumble bees, camouflage, adult locust, butterflies, Morpho butterfly, camel cricket

MOR03TX23_24 Large emerald green, black, yellow striped caterpillar (swallowtail?) feeding on Euphorbia plant. Tafenfant, Morocco. Copyright Tropix (V. and M. Birley)

Owl butterfly on branch, hairy earwigs, millipede on grass, moth with half wing, desert locust nymphs

Iridiescent blue Morpho butterfly, rainforest butterfly with red spots, feeding on nectar, proboscis

Edible mopane tree "worms", bowl of termites, Moroccan locust hoppers, dung beetle, praying mantis

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