Deserts photography: hot, dry, sandy, stony, rocky, mountainous, coastal and green

Chile coastal desert. Peru, Atacama. Sahara, pyramids. Sahel nomads. Kalahari wildlife, green desert

Brazil, Ceara. Morocco: Torda Gorge, Kasar. Omah, Wadi Bani, Namib Desert, desert stabilisation.

Pyramid holidays. Egypt. Dust storms: Sahara Desert. Desert farming, Sahel. Firewood, Somalia.

Morocco: sunset tour; Black Sahara; desert control. US: Nevada; Valley of Fire, Red Rock Canyon.

MOR98SE5_12 Track marks in the Black Sahara: vehicles have damaged basalt desert crust. Cirrus cloud. Sahara Desert, Morocco. Copyright Tropix (Sara Erith)

Dubai: hot desert dune, sand. Namib Desert: dry scrub, rippled sand. Botswana, Kalahari: lone plant.

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