Coral Reefs of the Indian Ocean: sub aqua photography from sea squirts to scorpionfish

Underwater, Caribbean: moray eel in coral reef, coral bracts; starfish; conches. Giant clam, Papua.

Coral reef: organ pipe coral, sea squirt, red sponge, leaf fish and thorny oyster: sub-aqua in Maldives.

Shoals: oriental grunt, redtooth triggerfish, scarlet soldier fish, scalefin antheas, slender sweeper fish.

Indian Ocean reef life: flatworm, giant moray eel, marbled grouper fish, angel fish, hawksbill sea turtle.


Sub-aqua: featherstars (echinoderms); poisonous spotfin lionfishes; well camouflaged scorpion fish.

Starfish (Gomophia and Fromia): stars of the coral reef, Maldives Islands, Indian Ocean underwater.

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