Photos of Canadian Wildlife: grizzly bear; whales; captive; harbor seal; sea lion; sea otter

Grizzly bear cubs in snowy forest, foraging, playing; Grouse Mountain preserve, North Vancouver, BC.

Bear cub. Whales & whale watching: whale watching sign, boat; spout and tail fin of male gray whale.

Starfish. Marine mammals: Sea lions: resting; standing; on rock. Pacific harbor seal swimming. BC.

Sea otters, Alaskan, Enhydra lutris, local variety, swimming, cute, Vancouver Aquarium, Canada.

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Wildlife Themes
Big cats, birds of prey, dunes, insects, mountains, pantanal and primates


Vancouver Island
Location list from Barkley Sound to Wild Pacific Trail


Locations from Beaver Lake to Stanley Park in British Columbia


Seals and Sea Lions
Sea lions, weddell seals, elephant seals, cape fur seals and performing seals.