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Images of Bananas: Plantain, growing, markets, transportation, plantations, trade and colours

Deep fried plantain, fruit growing,banana plants,bananas on head, Sikota fungus, bananas on boat
COL01TX4_07 Close-up: deep fried plantains (bananas) in red stew, in stainless steel dish. Santa Clara Hotel, Cartagena, Colombia. Copyright Tropix (V. and M. Birley) DCA94LS2_04 Close-up fruit bunch on banana plant enclosed in blue plastic bag to quicken ripening. Dominica, Windward Is., Caribbean Copyright Tropix (Lynn Seldon) UGA96CJH4_10D Banana tree (plantain?) in fruit, intercropped with cassava; more banana trees behind. Kisinzi, N.Lake Victoria, Uganda. Copyright Tropix (Christopher Hooper) SLU81GB7_07 Banana tree in grove; hand of nearly ripe fruit; export cash crop, mainstay of economy. St Lucia, Caribbean. Copyright Tropix (G. Barnish) TNZ89DC5_10 Young Wandamba tribe girl, 12?, green headscarf, carrying bananas on head. Kilombero District, Morogoro Rgn, S.Tanzania. Copyright Tropix (D. CHARLWOOD) NIG96MM16_10 Banana leaves showing evidence of Sikotoka fungus disease. International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, S.Nigeria. Copyright Tropix (M. MacDonald) VTM97DEE2_11 Man stands rowing small boat (sampan?) carrying bananas and pomelo fruits. Han Giang waterway, Mekong Delta, Vietnam. Copyright Tropix (John Deeney)
Fruit market, yellow and green bananas, fruit stall, harvested bananas, bananas transported on raft
SRL97TX15_17 Food trade: market stall sells banana varieties (red, yellow, black), hung on hooks. World Market, Colombo, Sri Lanka. Copyright Tropix (V. and M. Birley) BZL87DC9_05 Fruit. Close-up of yellow and green bananas, with crimson cloth hanging between them. Jaru, Rondonia, Brazil. Copyright Tropix (D. Charlwood) GTM92MF5_19 High angle to stall of ripe bananas, some look red; Mayan couple vendors; vegetable market, Chichicastenango, Guatemala. Copyright Tropix (M. Fleetwood) BZL87DC9_19 Fruit. Harvested stems of green bananas fill the frame, in red painted rear end of laden truck. Jaru, Rondonia, Brazil. Copyright Tropix (D. Charlwood) JAM93LS9_07 Low angle: large bunch green bananas being transported on bamboo raft; dark waters. Rio Grande. Port Antonio, Jamaica. Copyright Tropix (Lynn Seldon)
banana trees, dense plantation, land for banana plants, bananas loaded on boat, fruit plantation
ZAM86TX8_18 Banana trees beside orange grove with unripe fruits; irrigated plantations. Gwembe Valley, near Lake Kariba, Zambia. Copyright Tropix (V. and M. Birley) SLU82GB7_04 Canopy of dense banana plantation intercropped with few coconut palms; forested hill behind. St Lucia, Caribbean. Copyright Tropix (G. BARNISH) SAF_AM39_01 Swamp forest drained for banana plants, cash crop; furrows. Ecological destruction. Maputaland, KwaZulu, South Africa. Copyright Tropix (A. Mountain) BZL87DC9_21 Two men load bananas onto ferry boat from field; one throws, one catches, fruit are in mid-air. Rio Madiera, Brazil. Copyright Tropix (D. Charlwood) UGA96CJH4_12 Lush green banana plantation; cassava intercropped with taro in front; forest. Kisinzi, Northern Lake Victoria, Uganda. Copyright Tropix (Christopher Hooper)
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