Photos of African foods: fufu, okra, garri, snails, porridge, mopane, cassava, termite, meat

Ghana; eating fufu; pounding okra; spinach; food hygiene; pounding oil palm. Ethiopia; coffee beans


Nigeria; garri; snails. Tanzania; corn. South Africa; porridge. Botswana; maize, biltong, mopane worm.

Botswana, southern Africa: feast; butchering meat; watermelons; sweet reed; mealie-meal; beetroot

Kenya, Africa: coconut water; wedding feast; meat; rice; yoghurt. Malawi: mandazi; maize porridge.

Zambia; termites. Botswana; sorghum flour; mopane tree worms. Ghana; fufu; red-red and plantain.

Ghana, West Africa: cookhouse; breakfast; Banku; bread loaves; pounded, boiled cassava & plantain

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