Defense: Historic Castles, Chateaux and Forts in the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia

El Morro Fort, Puerto Rico. Hemingway novel castle, Cuba. Nelson's Dockyard, Antigua. Bermuda fort


Castles: Stirling, Scotland. Conway, Wales. Beeston, England. Hamlet's Elsinore Castle, Denmark.

French chateau. Gondar, Ethiopia. Red Fort, India. Hazarijat, Afghanistan. San Felipe, Colombia.

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Rites and Religion Themes from African archaeology
 to wedding rites


European Archaeology
 Williamson tunnel, Knossos and Alcazabar


Asian Archaeology
 Israel, India, China
 and Sri Lanka


Latin America
Machu Picchu,
Temple of the Sun, Chulpas, Pisac and
  Cave of The Hands


Libya's  Leptis Magna, Tripoli, Carthage, the pyramids, sphinx
  and Acropolis