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J - Jyo       
Jabiru stork jars (storage, water, food) Jesus (art, sculpure) joss stick
jacaranda Java willow, giant jet ski journalist
jackal jazz jet plane (top, 5th) Judaism (4th)
jackfruit jeans jetty Juju
jacks (game) jebel jeweler (jeweler) jumping
jade jeep jewellery (jewelry) (1st) jungle
jaguar figurehead (top, 3rd) jellaba Jews juniper
Jahangir's tomb jellyfish jigger flea junk (sailing boat)
Jain religion jerk fish jigsaw Justice, Ministry of
jam sandwich jerk pork jiko justice, scales of
janggo jerry can jobless people jute
Jangjak Sticks Jesuit church jokes, joking Jyong Ju
Jardine House Jesus (enacted) (top, 2nd) Jola tribe  
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