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H - High     

 Higher - Hyu

habitats harbour (harbor) hazard sign Heliotropium
hacienda harbour officials hazardous waste helleborine
Hadejia long hoe hard hat head tie (top, 3rd) helmet
haggling hardboard headdress Hen's Blood
hairpin bend hardwood healing herbal doctor
hairstyle harebell health centre (center) HEP
Halopeplis perfoliata harmonium health education (top, 2nd) herdsmen
halter harp health hazards Herero tribe
hamerkop harpoon health impact assessment Heroes Day
hammock harvest dance hearing impaired heron: named species
hammock, high ground harvest festival hearing loss hibiscus: (top 1st)
Hamza's tomb Hashab heart-lung machine hidden spring
hanbok costumes hats heavy hammer hide
hand pump hawk, Galapagos Hebrew hieroglyphics
handshake hawksbill sea turtle hedgerow, hedge high altitude
happy, happiness hawthorn (top, 5th) heiroglyphs high income
Harappa Hazara tribe Helichrysum high rise tower blocks
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