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F - Fid

 Fie - Flag

 Flam - For

 Fou - Fur

face paint
factory discharge Fante tribe (top, 3rd) feather fermenting
fadama farm work featherstar ferry, ferry boat
Fagus sylvatica farmersí markets feeding ferry terminal
fair trade center farmhouse feeds fertilisers  (top, 5th)
Faisal Mosque farming Felis pardalis festival (top, 4th)
falconry farms felt making Festival of Lights (2nd)
falls Fasil, Emperor felucca (top, 1st) Festival of the Cow
family life fast food female ward Festos
family planning Faurea saligna fen fetish
fan dancing fax service Feng Shui fever tree
Fanta feast Ferente council (1989) fez
fantasy coffin Feast of Weeks (top, 4th) fermented cassava fibre
feast (wedding) fermented fish Ficus: named species
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