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E - Ent      

  Ep - Eyn

eagle owl, European egg and spoon race electronics Emperor penguin 
eagle: named species egg plant elephant graveyard encampment
early photographs egg production (hen) elephant, African (3rd) energy conservation
earthenware jar egret: named species elephant, Asiatic energy production
earths, coloured Ehretia rigida elephant seal energy, renewable
earwig, hairy Eichhornia Elephantorrhiza engine (diesel)
Easter El Castillo Elim Pentecostal engine (fire)
ebony El Templo Mayor El-Khazneh (top L, 2nd) engine (steam)
Eclectus parrot ekipa Elsinore Castle engine room
ecology, ecosystems eland Embera Indian tribe engineering (top R, 5th)
eco-tourist, ecotourism elder embroidery  English language
edelweiss, Alpine election campaign embroidery factory (top 1) engraving
eddy electric cooker emeralds (top R, 4th) ENT (ear, nose, throat)
eel, Moray electrical equipment Emir's guards entertainer
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