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B - Baz Bea - Blan Blas - Bre Bre - Bux
baby, babies      
baboon Baltit Fort bar mitzvah bars
babouche balut barbecue bas-fonds
baby care bamboo barbet: named species basketball
baby naming rites   bamboo flute barefoot doctor baskets, basketwork
backgammon bamboo tongs barge bathing
badminton banana (top, 2nd) bark boat batik
bagpipes banana tree bark cloth bats
baguette banjo (top, 3rd) barley battlefield
Baha'i faith bank manager barley harvest Batu Caves
Baikiaea plurijuga Bank of China Tower Barong dance (top, 4th) Bauhinia petersiana
Bajau tribe banknote barracks bauxite ore
Bakgalagadi tribe banks barracuda fish (top, 1st) bay tree
baker, baking banku (top R) barrage Baye Falls Disciples
balalaika bao game barrow traders bazaar
balaphon baobab tree barter bazeen
balcony baptism basalt obelisk bazooka rocket launcher
ball crusher Baptist Church baseball bazooki (mandolin)

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