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Images of childrens hair: Wet, fluffy, styled, concrows, braids, blown, ribbons, rastafarian, neat

Girl with wet hair, fluffy hair, styled hair for party, beaded hair, girl styles hair, hair in corncrows, braids
BZL91CD1_09 Close-up of a young girl (9?) smiling, face and hair wet; red blouse; healthy. Santarem, Brazil. Copyright Tropix (C. Duncan) SOM85PF1_02 Smiling young Somali girl; missing tooth, fluffy hair, fly on forehead; from Hargeisa (Hargeysa) Orphanage. Somalia. Copyright Tropix (P. Frances) ENG89TX5_08 Young girl, thirteen, in evening dress and gold neck chain at dinner dance, smiles to camera. Bury, England Copyright Tropix (V. and M. Birley) TRN90CD1_19 Close-up happy girl at childrens carnival: green costume, headdress, face glitter and make-up. Port of Spain, Trinidad. Copyright Tropix (C. Duncan) MLS05MHB70 Girl helps little (sister/friend?) with hair for wedding ceremony, bright costumes. Kampung Pelegong Homestay, Malaysia Copyright Tropix (V. and M. Birley) ENG06VJB340 Caribbean girl (6 yrs?) in red/white costume, hair in cornrows with extensions, bobbles. Kingston Carnival, England. Copyright Tropix (V. and M. Birley) SAF98PAM1_04 Back view head of girl, c.12, with braided hair style. Vrygrond informal settlement, Cape Town, South Africa. Copyright Tropix (Pam Howarth)
Blonde hairstyle, hair is blown up, girl has hair braided, hair decorated with seeds, neat hair styles
BZL91CD1_01 Portrait of a dreamy young boy, blond hair, dark eyes, leaning on gate. Invasion (settler) area outside Recife, Brazil. Copyright Tropix (C. Duncan) SCO91TX10_04 Discovery Place museum: boys, 11 and 13, get hair blown by Benouilli blower; science. Satrosphere, Aberdeen, Scotland. Copyright Tropix (V. and M. Birley) MOZ95DC3_16 Teenage girl having her hair braided looks to camera with smile, clutches her hair, styling. Maputo, Mozambique Copyright Tropix (D. Charlwood) SIE90GB1_09 Group of young village people, teenagers; girls hair decorated with bright red tree seeds; faces. N.E.Sierra Leone. Copyright Tropix (G. Barnish) MLS96AFL2_04 Pretty girl, embroidered black velvet & batik costume, boys behind, Kadazan tribe. Near Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. Copyright Tropix (Alastair Fuad-Luke)
hair in bunches, flowered bows in hair, styled hair, women braid girls hair, boys with rastafarians
CUB87ASH1_03 Pretty young girl wearing hair in bunches with blue ribbons smiles questioningly to camera. Cuba. Copyright Tropix (A & S HIGGINS) MLS05MHB92 Children stand together in dance positions, flowered bows in hair. Kampung Pelegong Homestay, Negerei Sembilan, Malaysia Copyright Tropix (V. and M. Birley) JAM94JUN2_06 Child practices writing with pencil at Science workshop for teachers. Mandeville, Central Jamaica. Copyright Tropix (June Hassall) MOZ95DC3_15 Two women sit on bench braiding girls hair; others sit on mat where baby sleeps, toddler crawls. Maputo, Mozambique. Copyright Tropix (D. Charlwood) TRN90CD1_04 Three young black boys (6-7?), scabby knees, 1 rasta hair, sit on step, admire fluffy new chick. Port of Spain, Trinidad Copyright Tropix (C. Duncan)
Copyright Notice: the design, content and all images on this site are Tropix Copyright
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